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Reliable, professional service

Jim has 20 years of drilling experience and owns his own rig and tools. He has extensive archives from drilling in the Finger Lakes and it straight forward and courteous about timelines to fit his clients’ needs.


Certified and insured

  • New York State DEC Certified Well Driller

  • Certified pump installer

  • Member of ESWWDA

  • Guarantees any well construction for 1 year

Solar and geothermal options available.

Jim Jameson is very experienced installing solar panels. Jim built his own house that ran completely off solar energy. If you would like, he can easily set up your pump to run completely free from the power grid. Geothermal well drilling is also available. This process runs tubing and water through the ground that effectively cools or heats your house, saving you money in the long run. He is also experienced in drilling remote wells.


The Process

Does size matter?

  • Yes! The Jameson rig is the smallest well drilling rig in the area. Because of its size it can access and drill in locations that other drills are unable.

What is dowsing?

  • Dowsing is a water finding technique that searches for the best location to place your well. Dowsing finds water-bearing formations underground. You save money by drilling one well in the right place; the first time. Often well drillers who don't use the dowsing technique have to drill multiple wells or a much deeper well to yield the same results.


Why use a pounder drill?

  • A pounder drill pounds the earth as opposed to drilling through it. This process is slower, but therefore is better at finding water. Pounded wells are shallower and generally have better quality water than deeper wells. This is because they easily find veins of water that other drills cannot. Since you pay by the foot, this process is consistently less expensive than other methods such as hydraulic rotary drills.



"Jim was terrific. I really appreciated the carefulness that he exercised when he was looking for water. He took a great deal of care walking lots of steps around my property. Also, Jim kept me apprised each step of the way as to the progress we were making. Bottom line: I now have lots of water and it tastes great."
–Nancy C.


"Jim drilled a domestic well to service my new home in the summer of 2009. This was one of the first activities to take place during the construction of my new home. I am pleased to say that Jim demonstrated a vast knowlege of developing water wells, he is open and forthright about the processes involved in undertaking such a task. The process took about two weeks to complete and the results were phenominal. I have a well that produces more crystal clear water than I will ever need. Without hesitation I would recommend the services of GWWD for your water well needs!"
–Frank M.


"Hi Jim,
You drilled a well for me last year May on my property in the town of Italy. You said when you hit water that is was good, and plentiful. I did not have a chance to shock and get the water tested until March this year. Since March we have had the pleasure of drinking the best water I have ever tasted (yes, I'm bragging). My wife and I enjoy the water so much, it is really good. We tell our friends how you let us get involved in dowsing for the water, that was learning experience. Thanks for making the whole well drilling process a pleasure. The results have been great; we are very pleased.
Thanks again!"
–Matt B.


"I'm so happy someone referred me to Jim to have my well done! I had been nervous having never had a well, but my land in Italy, NY needed one. Jim's a great guy and explained everything. From how he'd file papers with the DEC, setup his rig. WHY a pounded well is superior to the drill method. Even how he uses safe, food grade lubricants. We walked the property and with his long metal wires in each hand [until] we reached the spot. Watching those wires bend towards each other with such force had to be seen to be believed! "Drill here?", I asked. Big smiles and a yes- we had our spot. Now patience is required as the pounder is much slower than those new drills- but you know when you hit not 50' and 2k later! 20-25' a day he said it goes. When he called me the 2nd day I was nervous! But best message all year "45 feet and over 30 gallons a minute, clean well". When I met him he explained it all, opened the cap and showed me that gorgeous water. Price was great, upfront, linear foot cost. Obviously, I REALLY like Jim, his work, service and honesty. That's the rig and guy you want. I've got the pix and well to prove it.
100% happy."
–Fletcher M.


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Respecting the environment

Jameson Ground Water Well Drilling uses food-grade biodegradable oils and grease to work around your future well. Oil is always used during the well drilling process. Using biodegradable oils is green and earth-friendly. Our company never needs to use high pressure fracturing, a very controversial process.


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