The Process

Does size matter?

  • Yes! The Jameson rig is the smallest well drilling rig in the area. Because of its size it can access and drill in locations that other drills are unable.

What is dowsing?

  • Dowsing is a water finding technique that searches for the best location to place your well. Dowsing finds water-bearing formations underground. You save money by drilling one well in the right place; the first time. Often well drillers who don't use the dowsing technique have to drill multiple wells or a much deeper well to yield the same results.


Why use a pounder drill?

  • A pounder drill pounds the earth as opposed to drilling through it. This process is slower, but therefore is better at finding water. Pounded wells are shallower and generally have better quality water than deeper wells. This is because they easily find veins of water that other drills cannot. Since you pay by the foot, this process is consistently less expensive than other methods such as hydraulic rotary drills.